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Muddy Quarter Marathon  (Posted: 2014-04-07)
Two days ago I "ran" the Muddy Quarter Marathon through NJ Trail Series up in Vernon and was the 2nd runner across the finish line. It was too bonkers to describe in a couple sentences, so if you'd like a wayyyy-too-long-and-nerdy version of it with more pictures (in order to fully grasp the scope of this race's insanity), I did a write up that you can access by clicking the image below:

We have a daughter!  (Posted: 2012-07-11)

We welcomed our amazing daughter to the family on July 5th, 2012. She's called Alice Aurora and we think she's pretty fantastic. There are tons of pictures of her on Facebook, and perhaps I'll get some on here at some point too.

Methuselah Tetra  (Posted: 2012-04-01)
Gold tetras typically have an expected lifespan of around 3 years. I have had this one in my fish tank for over 9 years now, and it's still going strong. After outliving all of its kin, it now gets along swimmingly with the ever-multiplying guppies that share its home.

Run for your Lives!  (Posted: 2011-10-23)

Yesterday, after 5 months of training, I ran the zombie-infested 5k obstacle course race called "Run for your Lives" in Darlington, MD. I finished alive & unzombified in 30 minutes and 23 seconds; good for 189th place out of a field of more than 7,000 runners.

This spring I was running about a 10 minute mile and couldn't even dream of having the stamina to run an uninterrupted 5k. So it feels awesome to have trained myself into shape for such a tough race and to finish in the top 5% just a few months later.

Back from Iceland!  (Posted: 2011-10-05)

We're back from our latest journey into viking lands and I've put up a crapload of pictures and descriptions of all the crazy stuff we saw and did. Enjoy!

Out of hamsters.   (Posted: 2011-07-31)
Just a few minutes ago, our last remaining hamster, Sun, passed away suddenly after having a seizure. She was almost two. Sun was energetic, fearless, and incredibly friendly. She woke up promptly at 7pm every day and always had an agenda. We'll miss her nighttime wheel squeaks and excited cheek-stuffings.

Magnus represents my September  (Posted: 2011-07-08)

Above is a picture of me on my 18th birthday with Magnus ver Magnusson. Why am I posting it now? Because he's a former World's Strongest Man champion and he's from Iceland... and in two months, both of those things will be quite relevant for me! Maggie and I have just scheduled September trips to North Carolina to see the 2011 World's Strongest Man finals, and 8 days in Iceland!

Libby  (Posted: 2011-04-22)
Yesterday we lost our little friend, Libby. She was a very round and adorable hamster and Linus in particular will miss her very much! You'll be happy to know that Libby's sister, Sun, is still going strong and is as energetic as when she was a few months old.

I put on my robe and wizard hat.  (Posted: 2011-01-25)

We spent 32 hours in the car this week, but we were rewarded with a fabulous time at HARRY POTTER THEME PARK. Click above to see many photos.

Wedding Photos  (Posted: 2010-04-23)
We finally got out of Scotland after 6 days of strandedness, and I've just gotten around to posting a bunch of pictures from the wedding. Enjoy!

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