Puzzle Hunt Dinner Party

The Scenario:
To my handsomely compensated employee:

Please be aware that I am throwing a dinner party next weekend with thirteen extremely prestigious guests. It is absolutely critical to the future of our organization that this event be a massive success, and your job depends on this. I have tasked you with sending the invitations and planning the meal and festivities.
As you most certainly know by now, I enjoy challenging my employees to bring out the best in them. As such, I have left you a series of puzzles to solve before you can determine who should be receiving these invitations. As you complete each puzzle, you'll be given a clue to help you to identify the guests. A healthy amount of googling will likely be necessary to complete the puzzles and decode the clues. A strange and arbitrary task? Perhaps! But such is life in the employ of a deranged billionaire!

The Boss

The Main Puzzles: The Final Puzzles: If You Need a Hint: